The QCSA STATE TITLES is an annual event held to showcase the talent in our Association and allow teams to compete at the highest level of Christian Soccer in Queensland.

Recognising the highest quality players in our Association is the task of our State Coaching Staff, who will select participants to compete at the AUSTRALIAN CHRISTIAN SOCCER TITLES in select age groups.

The QCSA State Titles competition allows each zone or affiliate team to play against other zonal and affiliated teams nominated in their age group, recognising teams may not play all other zones and/or affiliate teams depending on the draw.

For the purpose of the QCSA STATE TITLES, it is recognised that our largest affiliate Association, the Sunshine Coast, is divided into two zones known as Sunshine Coast North and Sunshine Coast South. All other affiliates are entered as an individual entity North, South East and West.

This competition supports the Fair Play guidelines as set out by the QCSA and FIFA FAIR PLAY.

All teams, coaches, managers and spectators are to compete within the spirit of these guidelines at all times both on and off the field.

The QCSA State Titles organising committee reserves the right to alter the competition program, ground, or match times at any time during the competition.